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March 17th, 2013, 18:50
Originally Posted by tomasp3n View Post
Really? I've always been kinda annoyed with games where I cannot control my "party" members. Like in Fallout 1 & 2 where they always managed to get themselves killed. ALL THE TIME. Don't get me wrong, a good game is a good game even if I don't have the option to control my party, and the Fallouts where great. And I have high hopes that Dead State will be great too, I would just prefer it if I had control. Why not make it an option?
I understand your point, and I often feel the same way about this as you. In this game, however, I think your allies getting themselves killed foolishly could actually work. As Chien pointed out, this game is about survivial. Brian Mitsoda has said on their forums that your followers aren't commandos, even the ones that lean toward combat skills more than others. THese are regular people. They will panic and do follish things. Doing foolish things, even outside of the game's panic mechanic, fits with the setting. Unlike most games, combat really is to be avoided. You get experience for completing objectives, none for combat itself. Your followers doing stupid things in the face of death that leads to their demise seems to me to be a good consequence of taking the risk of combat — and a fitting one for the setting. Hopefully, losing people will be inevitable and an inherent part of the tension and drama of the game, like in X-Com.

I imagine Brian and crew will get some flak for design decisions such as this one, as peope are used to doing the very best they can possibly do -- and being given the tools to do so -- but I hope they stick to their guns and their original vision.
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