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March 17th, 2013, 21:01
Yeah, that might help.

You know what sucks? I completely missed out on the Shire! I didn't know it was level 1-18. I figured I would be going there after Bree. Didn't know it ran alongside Bree in level. I really wanted to do some questing there. Oh well. Maybe I'll make a Hobbit character next time.

I'm thinking about these quest packs. I want to buy them while they are still 25% off. Here's what I'm thinking.

Evendim - 32-40
Misty Mountains - 39-50

They seem like the 2 most interesting to me, though I'm also considering Angmar, but it seems pretty dark and gloomy to be spending a lot of time there. Not sure yet.

Later on I will buy Moria, Mirkwood, Isengard, Great River (looks and sounds really interesting to me, even though I technically wouldn't need it to level), and then finally Rohan.

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