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March 18th, 2013, 18:01
Originally Posted by Dhraiden View Post
This is slightly troubling to read about, and implies that they did not do proper project planning…shouldn't contracts or some kind of enforceable agreements been in place with whomever they hired - regardless of whether the workers are contractors or employees?

Even contractors are supposed to agree to be bound to hit certain deliverables within a certain time-frame, it's basic business sense, no?

I can understand as he says the less costly nature of using contractors instead of employees…but that's less costly sometimes at face value. Here we see an opportunity cost he failed to account for. Hopefully they'll get back on track despite the setback.
You can't plan like that and you can't stop people leaving - even if you could you wouldn't *want* a resentful dev. And developing new stuff always throws up surprises. Not a single one of the Kickstarters I've backed so far is even remotely on time and TBH haven't always been on time on my own projects . i.e. situation normal all f'ed up.

Don't see this project as being any different. Just depends on the will and persistence of the Cole's to push it through. And although all my Kickstarters are late, none of them have crunched yet (although I'm a bit dubious about one of them ).
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