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March 19th, 2013, 13:30
One more good thing guys, GOG usually adds only official pathes to games, but in case of Anox, they've applied even the patch made later by the former developer and it fixes all questbugs (including to me very annoying bug where you can't solve a quest with a child toy, yea, I'm a nitpicker).
Bad thing? The rare doorlord crash bug that happens on 0.0000001% machines wasn't addressed, but luckily, if any of you stumbles upon it, there is a fix elsewhere to download:
or here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17053904/DLF.exe
I wonder why I think this game is completely opposite to Skyrim…

GOG also added another great game, it's not RPG though:
But it does have skills that can be upgraded during the game based on your choice so in a way we can say it has RPG elements. Horror, humor, suspense, thrill, awsome story - for just 6€.
I hate FPS genre, but when it comes to this game I wish they made more stuff like this one instead of dumb grinders. The only minus is far too long above-the-skies part, luckily everything before and after is awsome.
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