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March 19th, 2013, 15:38
Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
'xcuse me? Just following the kickstarter and looking around on the official website, I didn't find a sign anywhere that said "we have all the money we need, thank you. Do donate if it makes you feel better". I only realized he already had the money when somebody pointed out a magazine article to me.
From the QA:

Richard has already invested several million dollars in the game and will almost certainly invest more before we ship. We would have to have a record setting campaign to match what Richard already invested in the company. But there is no reason to suggest that we can't also raise money from the community we are making the game for to get them involved too. 100% of the money raised in the Kickstarter will go to make a better game and the community involvement is a huge bonus for US.

By supporting this project, you will be also be able to collaborate with the developers, lending your voice to what features you would like to see added. You can be a part of the creation of the classic fantasy role playing experience you have been waiting for!
No he doesn't say it as bluntly as you put it, but that seemed pretty clear to me that in answer to the common question they've been asked about why they need the money that they're basically saying "well really he money from this is dwarfed by our own investments, but we'd loved to get the community involved and we'll certainly put it to use." As for why they're raising money - they clearly say they're raising "money from the community we are making the game for to get them involved."

In video interviews that have been linked to from he site and dev chats he has also been asked what would happen if he didn't meet the goal. His response was that he'd be disappointed no to have he large community (think he actually managed to say community 4 times in that answer) to collaborate with but that the game will be funded regardless.

Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
From the official website, FAQ's:

What happens if you don’t raise enough money?

We feel confident that, with your help, we will reach our goals! In the unfortunate case that we don’t raise the money via Kickstarter, we would likely have to go from “indie” development to working with a major publisher, who would probably not be as open to what I, Lord British, and YOU, our fans have envisioned for the game.

Considering that RG already raised 7mil for this game, and others were going to 'self publish' with only about 1mil, I'd say this is controversial to say the least.
Well I think he's considering a succesful kickstarter as substituting for the advertisement power brought to the table by a publisher. Making the 1 million goal isn't the difference between having to go to a publisher or not - it's the 1 million as well as then having to secure probably a couple million in ad money if the kickstarter hadn't generated enough free advertising.

But yeah that was kind of a weird answer and the way he worded it I could see someone maybe feeling he was threatening sadle it to a large publisher if the fans didn't show their love. I don't think that was the intent though at least.
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