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March 19th, 2013, 15:11
Thanks for taking time to reply. I have meanwhile read the manual for the PC version you have on your site, and that has also cleared up some things, e.g. how actions and movement work. It would be very helpful if you could make something like that available for the iOS version within the help function of the game, which is now a bit rudimentary (and it might be useful to be able to access that from the starting menu).
While I am sure it's better on the iPad, I think it should be quite playable on iPhone, once the swiping issue is resolved.

Regarding that, it is the vertical swipes I seem to have the most trouble with - the horizontal swipes work much better (although also not everytime). It seems I have to hit the sceen with a moving finger - if I make contact with the screen for even a millisecond before swiping, it is not recognized. So while I was now able to learn swiping Mysterious Castle style, I'd definitely recommend to tweak that!

Regarding a review copy - thanks, but well, I am not part of the staff here. If a user review would be helpful, I'd certainly give a PC version a try as well.
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