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March 19th, 2013, 17:36
There is not a single AAA game I am currently looking forward to. There are, however, quite a few Kickstarters and other small-studio titles on that list. In fact, that list is exclusively comprised of small studios. What these corporate gas bags do doesn't concern me at all anymore. Whether or not Kickstarter ultimately proves to be the match that burns publishers to the ground — and I would be the first one to plop happily down next to the holocaust to warm my bones and roast a marshmallow — I'm thankful to Kickstarter for getting me out from under the AAA thumb today.

Edit: And add Steam to my Thanksgiving-prayer list. None of this would be possible without direct distribution from a widely used source. I'm not a fan of DRM either, but all the anti-Steam people should think about that. Steam's largely unobtrusive DRM is a pretty good compromise.
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