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March 19th, 2013, 19:27
Great Barrow is fellowship for certain. You'll get creamed in there solo. Have you done some slayer deeds? I'm pretty sure the Barrow wight slayer deed will net you some keys, probably a few of them. Especially the wights inside the northern barrow instances - Taradan/Ringdor etc. The drops may be rare but the killing isn't There are no guarantees but lots of killing = lots of drops. I've had maybe 10 keys in total by level 50. Also - if you are in the Bree area and it is lively try "Trade" channel before resorting to the AH, there are nice people playing the game who will cut you a break. Happens all the time. The Crafting hall is always packed… ask there on the Craft channel or the Region channel. You may have something they want too right?
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