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March 19th, 2013, 19:56
Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
I don't think he would have had trouble getting featured in magazines and on gaming sites, with the relevance especially of UO for today's gaming world and the fact that he is again making a multiplayer-heavy game. The fact that you can rely on him to take his mouth full could have helped there too.

Contrast that with Guido Henkel, who with his plans for a retro single player RPG couldn't get a foot in the door anywhere, even with a kickstarter going. So kickstarter doesn't seem to be the deciding factor here.
I imagine Richard Garriot probably doesn't have the easy access to a lot of publishers in the way it might seem he would. Its just one of the most recent things that would mark his reputation from their point of view would be his time at NCSoft which resulted in a failed product, one of the strangest ways I've ever seen a CEO fired, and him suing that employer and winning 28 million dollars. And yeah that last bit was NCSoft being kind of retarded, but I don't think publishers like the idea that you wouldn't hesitate to sue them if they screwed you over.
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