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March 20th, 2013, 03:46
Have you done the Lone Lands? That's on the way to the Trollshaws. Aka Forsaken Inn area including Weathertop. You don't have to do everything but its a good "bridge" region that has plenty of XP. Between that and Trollshaws you are good. There is plenty of XP to be found. Once you are in the Trollshaws when you hit ~48 you'll want to head down to Eregion, the Nan Sirannon area to pick up your Legendary Item quest (Volume 2 Book 1).

Everyone hits Eregion because it is the gate to Moria. There are plenty of quests there. I'm level 51 now and I'm probably going to skip the Eregion quests (except slayer deeds) and head strait into Moria. The moral of the story is… there is ample content. Your path is fine, just don't skip the Lone Lands just to do every last nook and cranny in Trollshaws. If you get bored in Trollshaws, there are quests in Rivendell. If those don't fancy you there is always Misty. Or Eregion itself. Just make sure you enter Moria before you hit ~54 or the starting area may be too easy. It levels up to 60 though, so again.. .its a rule of thumb!

Don't over analyze it man. Enjoy the game! Don't forget your deeds, your class quests, your crafting quests and of course the books!
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