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March 20th, 2013, 14:51
We missed the latest blog from Jay last week on the Frayed Knights 2 development, so here it is. In this blog he talks about how his workload prevents him from making major steps forward.
The impact on home life and game development, especially over the last six months, has been far from insignificant. Fortunately, slow progress is not zero progress Ė most nights I managed to get at least a token effort put into the game. And during some stretches of time off, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, I made some lovely progress in just having a solid block of uninterrupted time to work on the game. But the rest of the time, itís been a slow slog, making progress inch by inch. Itís a level of effort that I call ďtinkeringĒ rather than development. Unless you are making a very simple game, tinkering will not get it done.
This can be pretty demoralizing. Like I said, Iím still working on some basic functionality that should have been done months ago, but it takes me all month to get something done that should take only a week (or less). Fortunately, a couple of halfway decent weeks with actual time to put into things have done wonders. Itís amazing how, after long stretches of slow progress, sudden sprints can feel like breakthroughs of epic proportions. Iím hoping this is a trend that can continue.
More information.
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