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March 21st, 2013, 10:12
I loved Wizardry 8 (not to mention 6&7), but the combat in 8, whilst interesting, can become repetitive and can drag at times. OTOH there are real time games like Grimrock, where your options are restricted and so they have to use timing and motor coordination to create a challenge.

As GH hints in his post though, it may be possible to come up with a system, which takes something from both approaches and moves the genre forward. One obvious idea, for instance, is to have magic/actions that affect movement and time - anything from casting a tar spell to cripples/stuns/slows etc on weapons, to having a chronomancer that directly manipulates time.

In addition there's no necessity to make the gameplay consist of having magic spells that take many mouse clicks to cast and require the memorisation of complex sequences of runes. In a more strategic game what would matter is which skills you choose and in which order along with the placement of your party. And looking at this kind of game there is a lot of room for improving the responsiveness of the UI (one click formations, no secondary spell pages etc.).

Anyway will be interesting to see the development of GH's take on this in his blogs.
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