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March 21st, 2013, 12:01
How in the name of Virtues am I going to get a ship in Ultima V? That is, without buying one, but steal… ehh… acquiring it from pirates. This was simple in Ultima IV as there were pirate ships sailing all over, but not so in Ultima V. I've spent two evenings (real world evenings) scouring the coastlines for a ship, but no luck. I've been north by Minoc, east near Moonglow, south around the Serpent's Hold island and west on the coasts of Skara Brae and Jhelom. No. Ships.

Sure, there are all sorts of sea monsters from sea horses to giant octopi, but no ships. Here's a common scene from my search for a ship:

To be sure, I've seen one pirate ship very early in my game, so I know they do exist, but that's been it. One frigging ship! Is there some place where there are supposed to be pirate ships (do note, I can't get to Buc's Den without a ship) or is it just a matter of pure, random luck (and I'm enjoying a streak of really rotten luck with the random sea encounters)? Where do I get me a ship?!

Verily, I need thy help! (I have to get to the Isle of the Avatar and I need a ship for that.)
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