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March 21st, 2013, 23:17
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When you combine statements like, "Iíve met virtually no one in our industry who I think is close to as good a game designer as I am. Iím not saying that because I think Iím so brilliant. What Iím saying is, I think most game designers really just suck," with this, "Since [Ultima Online], most every other RPG has focused more on level grinding than on ďrole playingĒ, which has been reduced to a few initial character choices. While advancements in graphics and sound have been phenomenal, in many ways the virtual worlds we play in have become less real. Less open. Less immersive," and Hickman's statement that games haven't changed in 30 years, it becomes apparent that these guys really don't know anything about gaming circa 2013.
I wonder if Hickman's reference to the less immerse experience comes from the greater reliance on the media to provide the sensory experience, rather than relying on the player's imagination (as in literature). Yes, there have been a number of incremental enhancements to the CRPG genre. But the games still don't provide an effective replacement for the GM; there's only limited ability to adapt to the player choices, and all of the conversations and outcomes are purely canned decisions by the developers. It's going to take a fundamental improvement in computer AI before a real, living breathing campaign setting can be brought to fruition.
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