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March 21st, 2013, 22:32
Installing DDO as we speak on the borrowed rig. Not going to be a fast computer, it just has an integrated ATi 6320 and 4GB shared DDR3. But it should be good for fridays.

The laptop gave up the ghost this morning. I heard the HDD rumbling like a small block V8, so I knew it wasn't long. Of course with the video chipset fried, I also knew that the MB had to have issues as well; and it does. I couldn't even boot off a Linux Mint DVD. I'm about to pull the HDD for the Southern American method of properly ensuring no one can get to my data (specifically, 2-3 rounds of .303 British pumped into it after beating the **** out of it with a sledgehammer). Then I'll give it a Viking Funeral.

If I was rich like FPSRussia, I'd blow it up too. Or maybe use a .50BMG to terminate the HDD. Or heck, a tank.

I'm going to order part of a new computer off Tiger Direct in a few moments, then the rest with my next check.

*Edit* Tigerdirect is coded by retarded monkey interns apparently. Across two computers, four different browsers, and a couple hours of fighting with them, and they never would accept the order. They must want me to use IE, which means they're engaging in illegal activities. That's the only reason to require IE, IMO.
Oh that? It's just the cat sir.
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