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March 22nd, 2013, 09:11
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
I cringe when I see these blanket PVE characterizations - aka calling them "theme parks". All video games are theme parks, why single out PVE mmo's? All the sacred cow rpg's could be labeled as such. Jaded much?
If you think all video games are themeparks - then you're thinking about the term in a very different way than what's been established specifically for the MMO genre for several years.

In the MMO space - gamers have silently agreed to separate MMOs into two distinct subgenres - the sandbox and the themepark. At the core - the concepts are about the level of player control and influence on the world. Themeparks are generally about feeding content steadily to the player until it's exhausted somewhere around the endgame - where content repetition kicks in. Sandboxes are generally about giving players a measure of player control - so as to allow them to create their own experiences, rather than relying on developer content for that purpose.

Themeparks generally have larger budgets behind them - and they're much more interesting to people who prefer to just be entertained and not get too invested.

Sandboxes are generally less popular, and as such - they don't have big budgets - and tend to be experimental and very buggy. They also generally demand player investment on a much higher level.

Using these simple terms makes it much easier to communicate the basic design paradigm of any given MMO. Sandbox and themepark are neither inherently negative nor positive labels.

I hope this is enough information to make you appreciate why the terms are being used by millions of MMO fans - and how they're not related to being jaded.

However, almost all MMOs have some elements of both genres. They just tend to be mostly one or the other - and ESO seems like a clear-cut example of what's mostly a themepark MMO.

That said, yeah, I'm extremely jaded. I can't help that. Can you?
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