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March 22nd, 2013, 10:30
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After all the backlash that is justified with this drm scheme. I came across this little article. Its highly relevant to this topic.

It is also very representative of the state of affairs.

All the article can oppose is consumption habits and technological issues
The problems with demanding an internet connection for a single-player game are both severe and obvious. It is absolutely a question of making a game "defective by design"; it takes a game which has always been playable offline and suddenly tells players that no, they may not play it on the train, on the plane, while visiting relatives who don't have wi- fi, during the two weeks it takes to get ADSL installed in your new flat, in your bedroom where the wi-fi connection doesn't reach very well, or at any other time when an internet connection isn't to hand.

Moreover, even if your own internet connection is working, you'll also be unable to play if the servers are experiencing a problem. In the early weeks, they'll probably be massively overloaded (they were for Diablo and they have been for Sim City, and if Blizzard and EA are both utterly incapable of getting this right, I don't hold out a great deal of hope for anyone else), but even later on you may find that the couple of hours you've set aside to play will land in the middle of a server crash or scheduled maintenance. Your experience, as a fully paid-up legitimate consumer of a bloody expensive game, will be notably worse than it was back in the good old days when single- player games didn't feel the urge to run off to the Internet every five seconds like a rude teenager who can't put down his smartphone.
The article misses sensible points: many consumption habits/tastes have been forced by some players over other players during the last decades (so all its stories about consumption habits are moot, waiting two weeks for an internet connection to be restored? come on, playing video games when you are visiting people? come on)

Technological issues are to be resolved. Especially when one thinks that deploying a large infrastructure is costy and that the publisher might have prefered to endure the backlash of the communauty rather than deploying an excessive infrastructure in the first place.

The article misses the one obvious and severe (to quote it) point that states it all about the current state of affairs: when online connection is added to an SP, customers are charged for a feature that is absolutely not called by the game.
As alluding to it before, one clean way to tackle the issue is to turn the gameplay dependent on an internet connection, to make it so that the gameplay takes its full dimension when the game is played online.
In that case, the game comes with features that justify the internet connection.

The article is very representative of players who no longer are interested in gaming and therefore can not see an issue in being charged for a feature that adds nothing to the game, gameplaywise.

It also speaks for the future as companies like EA know well their customer base. As it come down to consumption habits and technological issues, it will just take time for the customer base to adapt.
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