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March 22nd, 2013, 14:59
To be fair there are only so many ways to present a giant gate blocking a valley, the concept is not unique to LOTR. This gate looks about 40 feet tall, and is something that could reasonably be built in real life, at least it's only a little bit exaggerated, I'd expect a palisade (wood spiky bits) since bordering a territory with masoned stone would be prohibitively expensive. But you could build it, if the gate had to be intimidating and slow someone down long enough for troops to get there. The Peter Jackson gate was OMG Huge, like 80 feet tall and an eight of a mile wide at least. An epic gate found only in fiction and even then only when you have trolls (Bigger than this piss-ant little gate) to operate it. RG you need a bigger gate!
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