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March 22nd, 2013, 18:10
Originally Posted by CrazyIrish View Post
Although later games eclipsed the gameplay in practically everyway (IMO at least) its almost impossible to beat those early experiences. Arena was one of those games for me as well. It was something like "holy crap! Is this really possible in a computer game!?!?"

Its really difficult to recapture that feeling later in life, regardless of how groundbreaking the game is.

I hear you but . . .

I was an apple 2 gamer and was stunned by Wizardry. Compared to all the other games that were out at the time it was a tremendous feat and then Bards Tale came along. It was in color, it had an indoors and an outdoors and a handy temple to get resurrected. It just trumped Wizardry in every single way until Might and Magic . . . . Until Morrowwind/Gothic . . . . . Until Skyrim.

There was a point in Skyrim where I'm climbing the deep deep back woods and then when I reach the top of this mountain, this orchestral choir music kicks in just as I am surveying the landscape. It was a visual / aural experience that just about topped all my prior gaming moments.

The thing is, if I keep playing, I'm sure I'm going to get another moment that will top that. I look forward to it. But I still will treasure all my other moments. I guess I am still awed about playing computer games.

I hear you but . . .
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