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March 22nd, 2013, 19:29
According to England fans, England beat Germany in "Two World Wars and One World Cup". I'm pretty sure that the latter ranks highest (I'm NOT sure if this is the correct way of saying it in English).

Vajara, founded in 1999, is Tibet's oldest and most famous rock and roll band. Quite Interesting. Here's Tibetan Rap.

The old Stadtfriedhof in Göttingen (chapel not pictured) is the final resting place of eight Nobel Prize winners.

While attempting to culture Haloquadratum walsbyi, researchers isolated Haloarcula quadrata, which has "predominantly square-shaped, somewhat pleomorphic, flat cells", but this organism is genetically quite different to Haloquadratum, belongs to a separate genus, and is not a dominant microbe in salt lakes.

Paramphistomum cervi is a flatworm.

The Holocron is a database of the Star Wars Expanded Universe and Star Wars canon, including its characters, creatures, languages, locations, vehicles, and weapons.

Sarkese ruler William Frederick Collings made his disabled heiress climb cliffs and hunt, and sent her a consolation telegram to say he was sorry her firstborn was a girl. The wikipedia article is Quite Interesting (and funny), I quote a large part of it below. The man was … Eccentric.

"Collings inherited his father's fief on the latter's death in 1882, but none of his father's interest in military. Less than five years after his accession, the Royal Sark Militia, once cherished by his parents, detoriated into what a visiting journalist described as "seven dozen pairs of boots". By 1900, he had neglected it enough for it to completely disappear. ….

The Sarkese admired Collings for his skillfulness in sailing, shooting, and rock climbing and he enjoyed their strong support. However, he was "a violent terror when he had taken drink", according to an islander. The alcoholism caused him to attack the vicar's wife with his stick, write anti*clerical messages on walls, insult the constable, break window panes and ride into private gardens. He once appeared before the Sénéschal for threatening to shoot a journalist.

Collings was devoted to his wife Sophie (née Moffatt), with whom he had two daughters, Sibyl and Doris. As he had no sons, his elder daughter Sibyl was his heir presumptive. He raised her as a boy and, despite her lameness caused by unequal leg length, taught her to shoot, sail, and climb cliffs. Nevertheless, whenever they came into conflict, he called her a "damned virago". He never allowed either Doris or the physically disabled Sibyl to complain of pain or sadness, explaining that "they would be a lot worse off" when they grew old;

The seigneur strongly disapproved of his heiress presumptive's relationship with the painter Dudley Beaumont, considering him a "weakling" because he did not shoot or climb cliffs. When he learned that she had continued seeing him, he threw her out from the seigneurial residence in a nightdress. Despite his attempts to find her the next morning, she went to London and married Beaumont. For the first time since her marriage, Collings contacted her when she had her first child, a daughter named Bridget. Wishing to send a conciliatory telegram, he consoled her for giving birth to a daughter by writing: "Sorry it was a vixen."

Pibbur who can't remember if he has seen an alive flat worm but who once found a 10 cm long round one (Ascaris lumbricoides) in his youngest's diaper. Kept it in a jar for several years, but has since lost it. *cries*
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1. The cat is alive! And pissed!!!
2. It's been 82 years. The cat is dead, and the stench is unbearable!!!
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