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March 22nd, 2013, 20:52
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JM and I ran with Taxen0 and now fear we scared him off. Come back Tax and we promise to let you take the lead and experience the quests on your own.
I still remember the time when we first ran in Korthos and later the harbor quests in Stormreach. The biggest fun was to actually explore the town areas and dungeons and learn about the different monsters there. With my TR toons I don't get that feeling anymore. I know all the quests so well. So the fun with TR's is to use great equipment on elite and see how much more powerful we are now.

If you join a group of elite players you will just follow around getting XP and not have time to enjoy this new world. The TR toons will do most of the work so you become almost a piker (one who doesn't contribute at all). I remember when I was "stupid" enough to run in PUG groups on elite on my first life toon. These toons were so powerful that my paladin was hardly mentioned on the kill list. When even the clerics doing melee had a higher kill rate then it was a bit embarrassing. Now I know it was because my toon was a 28pt build with no gear compared to experienced players with lots of gear and 34pt or 36pt builds.

I actually recommend that Taxen plays solo in Korthos and the level 2-3 quests in the harbor. When he feels confident enough he can try joining a PUG group or two. Maybe those posting normal runs.

Elite runs are often with people who know the quests well and that means they will hurry to the end to get the rewards and XP and over to the next quest. If you want to learn how the quests work then solo play or pug play with inexperienced players is the best way.
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