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March 23rd, 2013, 10:42
I might have the lines where the article reads that but the whole point is not about being charged for an uncalled (by the gameplay) feature.

As shown by the quote, the article opposes consumption habits and technological issues.

The fate of those are known:
-while some players are not all the time connected when they play, others are always (or nearly) connected when they play. So this feature is invisible to them as it suits their consumption habits.

-the technological issue will be solved in due time. Just as it was for diablo 3 as I no longer read players complaining they cant log in.
Once again, it is very likely that EA prefered to endure the uproar coming as a consequence of starting on a lower infrastructure than required rather than overinvesting on an infrastructure. As reported, they have experience in launching this type of games. They are either fully unproficient or they knew what was coming, and took the decision, prefering to let the PR department wipe the floor (they are paid for that) and ultimately, save money (more profits) by adjusting their infrastructure up rather than down.

In all cases, while the game online connection wont disturb players who have the adapted consumption habits and that technological issues are going to get ironed out, it will remain that the customers are charged for an uncalled feature. There is no escape to it.

And I did not read that the article made that point. All I found was that it opposes consumption habits and technological issues which are not permanent.
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