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March 23rd, 2013, 14:25
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Mmhh… another 'gritty' TDE game. Seems the complaints about Drakensang's cutesy graphics and writing hit home.
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Oh god Alrik is going to lose it.
I had similar thoughts, to be frank.

Apparingly the faction favouring "Greyturia" has won.

As I wrote elsewhere, there are a few factions among the fans, which prefer different things.

The oldest fans still remember the "fairy-tale-setting", which was part of TDE so long ago, too.

That changed with the "Borbarad Crisis", but that was already startted by the founders of Aventuria/TDE. During the "Borbarad Campaign" (also known as "The Marked Ones"), one of the founders died.

Borbarad and his minions invaded the before not much described landscape of Tobria (which is where "Demonicon" takes place) , and settled down there - with the author's intend to create a region within Aventuria which incorporated a distinct Horror Genre element.

Since then, the "Fairy Tale Aspect" of Aventuria/TDE went downhill.

It was meant to go away at one point in the future, or at least so I've understood it.

The younger TDE player generations, however, grew up with this.
They grew up with something that was called "Greyturia" by the other faction. It was far more "dark & gritty" than the first Aventuria "feeling" had ever had.
And to them - Greyturia is something normal !

The current developments seem to indicate that Greyturia becomes the new "standard" in how Aventuria is perceived - at least that's how I see it, purely personally - simply because this is "normal" to the younger genertations, here, there, and everywhere. In video gaming and in Fantasy Literature as well - "Dark Fantasy" is the newest fashion in gaming and in Fantasy Literature as well - just look at all of these "Vampire" novels. (Personally, I'd even count the latest Terry Pratchett Discworld novels into "Dark Fantasy", because they are mostly dark & gritty nowadays, too.)

To me, as a member of the "RFAiry Tale Aventuria" faction, the (almost literal) "death" of the Drakensang offline games, its studio, and one of the voice actors (the voice actor for the permanently confused wizard had died after Drakensang 2) is highly symbolic : It is a sign (to me) that this "Fairy Tale Fantasy" just isn't wanted anymore. It is "out of time", it is so ancient that people just cannot or don't want to understand it anymore.

In my opinion, Dragon Age broke Drakensang's neck. It was far more what people wanted - and it gave a clear hint into the "dark & gritty" future of the whole genre - in gaming, that at least.

People often say that Drakensang is "too cute", "too well-behaved" and "troo nice" for current gamers. This especially to a generation that grew up with WWII shooters (that apart from the question whether shooter players do play RPGs, too).

To me, this is no more "my theme" in gaming (and in Literature probably, too).
Me, I'm more and more feeling like an ancient relict, out of time, like an alien.

Younger gaming generations have seemingly taken over, and meanwhile I consider "change of time" a good thing (in pribciple), I choose to withdraw myself more and more from gaming, and within gaming, back to where I came from : Adventure games. There are stil Adventure games out there which are *not* "dark and gritty", and that's where I turn to.

(Apart from that I'm since about one year member of a TDE pen & paper role playing group - and we are currently playing one of the newer TDE campaigns, the so-called "Drachenchronik", which is a bit set apart from the current Aventuria - and I have had a LOT of good luck that we are all more or less same-minded players who don't like "Greyturia" in its current extreme form ! - I'm playing an Half-Elf, by the way )
“ Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.“ (E.F.Schumacher, Economist, Source)
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