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March 23rd, 2013, 15:01
Originally Posted by Peter Stauffenberg View Post
I still remember the time when we first ran in Korthos and later the harbor quests in Stormreach. The biggest fun was to actually explore the town areas and dungeons and learn about the different monsters there.


If you join a group of elite players you will just follow around getting XP and not have time to enjoy this new world.


Elite runs are often with people who know the quests well and that means they will hurry to the end to get the rewards and XP and over to the next quest. If you want to learn how the quests work then solo play or pug play with inexperienced players is the best way.
Through reading through the forums, and by in-game experience myself, I'm getting hints towards that in SWTOR as well.

The "Elite", that is the Raiders and such, people, people, who know the content so well that they can tell you how to get through a level meanwhile they sleep.

In SWTOR, there's some part of PvP, which is completely missing in DDO - for which I still love DDO.

I have been "looking into" and playing PvP in SWTOR a bit as welll - and it was devastating. As a Lowbie, one can play in so-called "battlegrounds" (BGs) [which feel a little bit like "mini-games" within the big game, because they are totally set apart from the rest of the game, although there do exist "open PvP zones" as well) too. But I wouldn't recommend this at all, because, even although one gets "powered up" to - in principle - reach the same "height" like everyone else in this BG, one gets "rolled over" far too easily. Mostly because gear is so much important there. Much, much more important than in PvE !

In my very personsal view I'd say : Be glad that there is no real PvP in DDO ! It makes the game so much easier - and, despite its flaws, I see DDO much more - and better - balanced towards PvE than SWTOR.

Of course "power creep" is in DDO (like in SWTOR) as well - but since DDO is mainly PvE, it doesn't matter *that* much there - unless you team up with so-called "Elites", of course.

And Eliticism … Is here, there, and everywhere.
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