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March 23rd, 2013, 15:19
I'm excited too, but the few screenshots and videos so far do not rule out a very casual-friendly (not necessarily a bad thing) and maybe even microtransaction-oriented M&M "light" for browsers, iOS and whatever else works for them kids these days. I'm not opposed to and/or extremely cynical about big publishers on principle, but Ubisoft's surprisingly aggressive use of the Might & Magic license (just look at this list) is a "long con" if there ever was one. They're in it to get people trapped in their supposedly crowd-pleasing ecosystem, and so far they have shown zero interest in attracting old school gamers to their Uplay-centered world of PC gaming.

Again, I'm probably the last person in this community to partake in the kind of "EA/Ubi/ActiBlizz/[insert profitable publisher here] is the worst company in the world" histrionics which I think make hardcore gamers look like clueless and cognitively challenged Luddites, but I just don't know how much room there could ever be in Ubi's Might & Magic-related business model for people like us…
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