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March 23rd, 2013, 15:58
I, on the other hand, have discovered, that unless a story can draw me into a game, I couldn't care less about mechanics, and I can even put up with a lot of errors and nuisances if a story and its presentation is gripping, immersive, and cohesive.

I am a great fan and enthusiast of story and storytelling. Storytelling (be it the everyday kind that we all do, or the more eloquent kinds, like fiction) is one of the primary ways of the human mind to convey meaning and to teach.

I would not call the story of PS:Torment 'fluff', especially if I was admittedly uninformed and uninterested in stories in general. The quality of it is quite astounding. I sincerely hope that the people who are creating this new Torment game understand what made the interactive story PS:T was great.

That said, I do hope the RPG gameplay mechanics will be fun enough to cater for number crunching fans, too, but I believe the emphasis is well put on interactive storytelling. It's rare enough as it is.
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