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March 23rd, 2013, 18:11
@Soulbane - Thoroughly agree.

One thing, on the dialogue side, I wouldn't want to see is to be presented with a long menu of options that you have to laboriously select, one after the other, in order to trigger story progressions or quests lurking somewhere in the dialogue tree. Then when you've exhausted the options that character has nothing more to say for the rest of the game… That's a really poor "adventure" style implementation of story aspects, I think and one reason I dislike most adventure/RPG hybrids.

Dialogue options should be mostly exclusive, so if you choose one it sets the game on a different path to if you had chosen another and then you don't have to plough through multiple branching options with every character conversation. Even better I think is to have character interactions and dialogues occurring spontaneously in the world and characters volunteering information rather than just waiting to be clicked on as if they were some sort of branching information terminal (Wiz 8 did ad hoc dialogue rather well, for instance).

So maybe it is to some extent a deficiency in the way some games handle dialogue that tend to turn people off some of the more story driven games.
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