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March 23rd, 2013, 21:16
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Wait a minute.
Spartacus is everyone's favorite show as it tries to hold onto real (known) facts as much as possible. You can't put that into a thread about "stretch goals" Martin's fantasy cash cow that noone but him knows how many sequels (books) will it have in the end.
In the case of Spartacus, the ongoing season is the last one - it's not cancelled or something but it's the end of the story that really happened. They could have turned it into a soap opera, but then again, they're not Martin.
Don't forget season three is being split to make two seasons. Have to milk the series till Martin gets off his lazy ass and finishes it. I except the next two seasons will get the same treatment.

I enjoyed Rome when it was on and don't really care about Spartacus. Vikings on the other hand is very good. It covers the viking invasion of England in the late 900's. If you have on demand on cable you can watch the first three episodes for free,
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