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March 24th, 2013, 01:53
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
@Wolfing - It's strange that you should care about the setting, as that is after all just the backdrop to the story. If you really didn't like stories then surely you'd just be playing chess (its a good game) or checkers or some tabletop war game?
You see, I have a really bad memory, that's probably why story isn't important to me. What that cutscene revealed yesterday is probably gone from my mind the next day. I see finishing the game as a challenge to be overcome, and that's why I play it. But while I play it, I like high fantasy settings more than dark fantasy, and totally hate steampunk settings. I don't mind the occasional gun in Wizardry or a spaceship in M&M but the overall setting is still high fantasy.

Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
That's a pretty puzzling stance regarding RPGs. But anyway, if that's the case, then story-heavy games like Torment probably aren't for you. There won't be all that much combat in the game anyway, no grind, quality over quantity.

As for systems, it'll have an isometric camera. For combat, Adam and Kevin are designing several systems (phase-based, turn-based and RTwP) and will engage backers in which one to use post-funding. There's a set of core goals each of these combat systems will fulfill which makes us more agnostic to which one exactly ends up being used.
Any of those 3 systems are ok with me, as long as I can think of what to do and issue the commands. Some games have you control one character in real time and the other characters, if any, do their stuff on their own, I don't like that at all. That's why some games that are so popular in this site are nothing to me, like The Witchers, the Gothics, etc.

Originally Posted by Bedwyr View Post
@wolfing: Sounds to me like you're an avid strategy gamer more than an RPG guy. How do games like Civ or Total War stack up in your opinion?
Sort of. I like tactical and grand strategy games but I don't like Real Time Strategy games (like Total War). I used to like Civilization, until I discovered Paradox strategy games (first Rome, then Europa Universalis 3 and now Crusader Kings 2).

What I liked about old RPGs and why I liked games like Pool of Radiance, Wizardry and Might & Magic wasn't the story at all. It was the party creation and management, the growing of the characters from level 1. During battles, what abilities and spells to use. Positioning, resource management. There needs to be challenge too, I don't like 'grind' i.e. battles that are there just to gain experience with little chance of failure.

I also despise twitch in any way, I like to think of tactics and issue the commands. One of my favorite 'RPG' games I've played (to my taste) wasn't even on PC, it was Gladius in the original Xbox (and PS2). It had everything I liked, and it also had a good story that I sort of remember only because I replayed it recently, making it one of the very few RPGs I've ever played more than once.
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