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March 24th, 2013, 04:37
I cannot stress reading those interviews I posted enough, you will get a lot of info out of them.

A question and answer that should put some fears at rest:

So since I think of the big thing that is setting Shroud of the Avatar apart from the single player Ultima series is the multiplayer aspect, what would you say to those people who are predominantly single players, to make them want to try the multiplayer aspect?

Yeah, so first I would say, don’t forget you can play this game completely solo player and offline. So if that really is the way you prefer to play, fear not we will support you in playing it and the game is being written as a story driven traditional Ultima style game, so I hope to make you very happy.

That being said, here is why I believe that you should play online even you prefer solo player. Because if you play online, you can still play solo player online. Meaning you don’t see any other player ever in the world but what you do see is all the persistent world changes that all of the players add into the game. And so if for example I’m playing the game solo player and I come back to the town where I live or I’m visiting with some regularity. If a player has built a new blacksmith shop that is producing fantastic weapons, his vendor will be there so I can buy and sell some great new creations he’s created. If we have, we’re hoping the put even the ability for people to make art in the game, if there is a person who is an artist in the game and is maybe creating painting you can put on the wall of your home, you’ll be able to go and see through their vendor of the NPC vendor that is at their shop, the art that they sell. So all of the persistent contribution will download to you as long as you at least play online. And I think that there is no harm even to the solo player experience, I believe it is only beneficial to the solo player experience to see the world grow and evolve due to the contribution of other players.
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