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March 24th, 2013, 09:22
I totally agree w/ that article when it comes to people's less than stellar, or even available connection. Ive been stuck for pretty long times without connection, thankfully the games I had t the most only required a disc

When taking a trip and visiting people, a lot of times they still have to work during the day, I can see myself playing then. What about when everyone goes to bed at night, and you cant sleep and would like to game for an hour or two?
What about being stuck in a crappy motel with an awful connection? What if you live in a house that has thick plaster walls like mine, and wireless signals are weak? The last house I lived in had such an awful cable signal (due to crappy wiring, interference, whatever it sucked) and I had to wait weeks until I could get AT&T DSL service. The list goes on and on, everyone's internet access is not universally good

Bottom line is that I the past none of these have been, and should be an issue for someone who purchases a 60.00 game, just to play it singleplayer!
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