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March 24th, 2013, 10:31
Game of Thrones is well made and is full of wonderful actors.

But it's also very much a one-trick pony. I'm not sure if the books are the same way - but the stories repeat themselves over and over. It's a very harsh world with powerhungry people in it - and they do what they can to fuck each other over.

I guess the "high point" is about the sex and the brutality - but I find it gets stale and predictable after a while.

Tyrion the popstar of the show is so utterly implausible and "for-effect" that I cringe every time he enters the screen. The writer(s) obviously has an unhealthy crush on that imp. If only they'd bothered to care as much about the rest of the main characters, I'm sure the show would feel more varied.

I liked Rome better, to be honest.




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