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Default Armour!!! Grr*gnash* *froth*

March 24th, 2013, 13:24
replaying it now the CP 1.75 after a Steam sale …and man….&$%@#[email protected]!!! I am getting irate. I have Alternate Balancing and AI enabled, but they seem to have tweaked things since the last time I played with the CP? Seem harder…and I still don't understand how armor helps at all. I have 70 AC against impact, but a lowly 50xp goblin does 36 points of damage to me with it's 'worn' wooden stick. I get swarmed by a few and even at level 26, with 200 strength, second rank in swords, etc etc I die very quickly. How can they do so much damage against such a "high" (compared to the earlier phases of the game) Ac? How does Ac work - I'd love to know. Perhaps I am not doing something right when I'm spending my LP. But right now it seems pointless investing in better armor.

I just liberated Silden (about the easiest one iirc) …I could *not* do it 'the right way' (by attacking head orc to start things off…I had to assassinate people, including Grompel, by leading them them out of town and killing them 1 by 1. And every orc seemed intent on attacking me when I started the uprising (even before I tried the murdering scheme), even though the whole town was rising against them. Seems very different from how I remember it in the original game. And frustrating…not in a good way. The arena fights are also much harder, even the low level ones..I'm playing on 'normal', as I always do, so I don't know why they could not have left that alone.
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