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March 25th, 2013, 12:34
Originally Posted by badmofo View Post
It's about the Haloquadratum genus, belonging to the Archaea domain of living things.

Back in the eighties when interest in home-computers started to grow, keeping track of the food you stored in the freezer was presented as one of the huge benefits of having one. I suppose some did use theirs for that purpose, but probably not for practical reasons.

pibbur who in 1984, bought his first computer, a Z80 based thingy running CP/M. 100K RAM, two floppy disk drives. He never got a complete record of the mostly dead things inhabitating his freezer.
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1. The cat is alive! And pissed!!!
2. It's been 82 years. The cat is dead, and the stench is unbearable!!!
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