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March 25th, 2013, 12:59
Originally Posted by Kostaz View Post
Afaik harder arena fights were one of the goals of the CP, the original difficulty was a joke.

The number of Orcs trying to get you is dictated by the difficulty level, if you're on normal it should be 2 melee fighters + whoever is attacking you from a range, not really that much worse in comparison to the original with the exception of you not being able to stun-lock them.

Both of the above scenarios are afaik dictated by the alternative difficulty.

As for the armor I've personally found the new system to work better for me even though I generally avoid melee in G3. In case you haven't read it here's what the CP manual has to say about armor:

On the other hand,the armor of the hero doesn't work percentually anymore, but in absolute figures. If the hero has a good armor, then weak opponents will rarely be able to wound him anymore. To make sure that the hero does not become completely immune against attacks from weak enemies, a small percentage of these attacks will still cause a little damage.

Not changed are the battles between NPCs themselves and the attacks of the hero, nor are the formulae for attacks with ranged weapons or magic.

I'd suggest investing a few points in HP as they can make much more difference early in the game.

Assuming the absolute value scenario for armour, I stilll don't see how a goblin could be delivering 70+36 = 106 hp of damage with its little stick I have 70 AC (now more) against impact. I would expect about 10hp (?)to sneak through now and then. So I assume they did not reveal all in the CP infos…. Sounds like the entire attack is getting through, with none being absorbed.

@ Joxer: I like many of the fixes and I think some of the new balancing/tweaks are good, just not all of them, in all situations. Can't pick and choose though - either get nothing or everything…

note: I am trying to go a completely mageic free path - fighter only with weapon+shield, crossbow… This seems much harder? With a mage/fighter I had fireball which just killed most things with a few blasts (from great distance). Also, a crossbow is painfullys low to load and does not do that much damage (even a cow required two shots ;-) But i do not have enough points to waste on boosting hunting skill so my bow skills are not great… Also tried smithing for the first time. Well, 'forge ore weapon' was disappointing. The non-ore longsword I forfed was better than the magic ore-based ruby sword. I also took hone weapon, but …not keen on getting smithing to 60 for improve armour. Nots ure it wil be worth it.
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