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March 25th, 2013, 13:46
I'm always knocking on the quest cap but I never complete everything because of what it will do to your leveling. I tend to backtrack to regions to do deeds once they grey out to avoid being too powerful for my next planned area. Things change slightly when you get your Legendary Items because you want those to level. It's a tough balancing act. I just hit 52 which is perfect for starting Moria but its hard to keep the XP down when deeding, leveling all 3 of my Legendaries and finishing my books (pages). Tonight is my last hurrah under the sun for quite a while, so I need everything reforged and ready for the darkness. I'm going to wipe my quest log down to 30 max, probably dumping all my Fellowship quests in queue for all regions, and any solo's 5 less than my level.

I was hoping to hit 10's for my equipped virtues but I'll have to settle for 8's or I'm going to hit 53 in Eregion. My sword hit 40dps last night and I took out a 15K morale sig boss with 2.5k morale to spare so I'm ready to move on…

But… My tactical is still a bit weak so fire breathers like Drakes are still a real threat. I'm hoping my dwarven title bonus on my LI sword (ancient dwarf damage vs. dragon-kind) gives me the edge…
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