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March 25th, 2013, 13:35
Originally Posted by Santos View Post
Seriously, this is an outdated thread and all, and no one will likely read it, but I can't let this pass. Goodkind is crap; utter, shallow, ridiculous, Randian crap. Rothfuss, well, put it this way: I have a large room, there are bookcases in every conceivable spot, filled with books, almost floor to ceiling (the books are also stacked on top). It looks awful. At last count there were over 4K. Out of those, Rothfuss is in the top five authors, for both storytelling and tightness (and by this I mean ne'er a wasted/out of place word, not necessarily conciseness). Where as I have the Goodkind series up on Craigslist (where it has sat for over a year), listed at $30, without a single offer, ever. Think of Rothfuss as the original Torment, and Goodkind as the 2007 Shadowrun FPS.

I resisted Rothfuss at first, because my friends were pestering me so much to read him, much the same way I resisted watching Seinfeld. I have since determined that I am an idiot.
Aha! Thank you very much for that input.

I agree, Goodkind is crap. Utter crap. I read the entire Sword of Truth series, and really, I had to *drag* myself through it, forcing myself to finish it.

But anyway, I feel more inclined now to give Rothfuss a shot…
If I may be so bold, what other authors would you list in your top five? As far as fantasy/sf goes, that is… I am just trying to gauge how similar our tastes are.
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