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March 25th, 2013, 14:45
The problem with wands, scrolls, potions etc. in other games has been that they are often an absolute pain to equip. Would be handy to have something like quickslots so you have quick access to useful items. Also to be able to equip both a ranged weapon and a melee weapon at the same time and have them auto switch according to range (if you have attacks when monster's are closing), or even just manual weapon switching. M&M did auto switching quite early on, if I remember correctly.

And … Please bear us left handers in mind when designing the UI - I do so hate having to constantly click stuff on the far right of the screen .

If I was being a little critical, I might say that, as things stand, the UI presentation at this stage is a bit basic and that would probably be important for marketing if it remained that way.

I don't see that you'd want to lower the price too much, certainly not to burger level. For a game of this type, that would just scream that you were not yourself confident of it's ability to stand up against other titles in the market, when in fact you are going for a title with a lot of depth. It seems to me though that making a competitive CRPG of any complexity on one's own is a daunting task (cf Grimoire).

I don't imagine that the current proliferation of CRPGs will saturate the market, just alleviate the drought somewhat (and maybe somewhat raise the quality bar). It certainly wasn't saturated in the 90s when there were a lot more franchises than there are now.
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