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March 25th, 2013, 18:51
Yeah, I don't want to be too powerful for new areas either, but I'm already level 25 and I was supposed to head to the Lone Lands 6 levels ago. Even riding around the North Downs I was over leveled there, until I got near the middle of the map, those enemies were level 29. It definitely seems like a tricky process. On one hand I don't want to miss the content and the lore and all that, but I don't want to be overleveled everywhere I go. I'll probably start deleting some of the quests far beneath my level. And I'm probably not going to do all of Lone Lands either before going to Trollshaws.

Does Lone Lands have a ton of content? What level do you think I'll hit if I do all of it starting at level 25?

Anyway, back to Middle Earth I go! Fantastic game.

Edit - I just read that the Old Forest used to be much harder than what it is now. The trees used to actually move and the map would change. Wow! That's insane, haha. I had enough trouble navigating with a static map, if the map changed I'd probably still be stuck in that place!
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