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March 26th, 2013, 13:23
47 plant species of Mexico and the southwestern U.S., including Ceanothus greggii (pictured), are named in honor of Josiah Gregg.

Here are 10 of them. Finding the rest is left as an excersize to the reader.

Acacia greggii
Amaranthus greggii
Leucaena greggii
Peniocereus greggii
Pinus greggii
Salvia greggii
Yucca filifera (not sure why wikipedia includes this one)
Conoclinium greggii
Dalea greggii
Ceanothus greggii

Getting something named after you can be a mixed blessing. Allegedly one academic wasn't too happy getting his name associated with a parasite, others felt that the suggested name was very fitting. OTOH, in medicine nobody seems troubled by diseases being named after them. As long as they aren't among the patients.

There isn'nt any Haloquadratum greggii.

Rita Hayworth's song and dance performance in Gilda helped demonstrate the stability of the newly invented strapless dress. The video below is according to youtube banned in Germany.


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