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March 26th, 2013, 13:30
Originally Posted by empireforge View Post
For potions and scrolls, you actually will not need to "equip" them. If they are in your inventory you can use them (though scrolls have some skill prerequisites). Wands, however, must be equipped in an off-hand. Hopefully that won't prove to be too onerous.
The last two images here: http://might-and-magic.ru/plug-e-gallery-f-57.html are screenshots for new M&M X. I notice that they have a quick bar under the portraits, so that you don't have to go into other screens during combat. My feeling is that in a party game you really don't want to be constantly opening and closing your inventory (or other windows) to swap equipment in out of your hand slots during your combat rounds.

Also WRT to spells, Wizardry's old system where you bring up a separate spell page every time you want to cast a different spell or alter the spell strengh is a pretty clunky way of doing that, I think. Am sure that can be improved too.

Originally Posted by empireforge View Post
I hear your point about pricing, and it mirrors my own concerns when I consider a price drop. I do want to be careful with what I convey via price choice. I will say that, if I do price low (and nothing is decided yet) that my goal would be to allow the game to reach as many people as possible. Even if it means not making much money, I would love for more people to know about the game than not. It's not been that long since all games I wrote were free.
You can always lower the price later, if necessary, but it's much harder to raise it substantially and it would probably be better strategy to have a higher price you can discount. Also, If you crowd fund at any stage, you can then offer your pledgers a "discount" over the initial selling price. And of course on steam and GOG there are lots of sales anyway. Plus, whilst starving in a garret for your art is very romantic, La Boheme didn't end well.

Originally Posted by empireforge View Post
Glad to hear your thoughts on market saturation as well. I hope you're right. Of course, will it still be the case when I finally finish the project?
Unfortunately my visionary powers don't stretch that far into the future. Certainly, I'll buy a copy if I'm still alive by that time .
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