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March 26th, 2013, 20:44
Originally Posted by khaight View Post
I enjoyed both types of M&M games, in different ways. But I'm not going to write off an instalment that is explicitly trying to get back to the franchise roots because it uses a gameplay model that, well, goes back to the franchise roots.

It does sound like the scale is a bit smaller, though 25 hours? Then again, I'm a lot older now and I have a job, so I don't really have time to map out every world map square by hand the way I did for MMI.
Yep, was also wondering. Then again I played Grimrock for 22h and it felt like it was already too long by 10h. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy 100h+ games, but maybe they just want to restart small with having Grimrock in mind.
I don't mind that much as long as the price does not exceed 20-30 in this case. And even if it is short, maybe you can take your characters over to the next games and continue the story like it was often done in the good old days (think Realms of Arkania, Ishar, EoB).
I think a change to 25h of gametime can mean two things:
1. They want to go the FPS way and try to sell 5-10h of gameplay for a ridiculus amount of money.
2. They want to restart small and check if there is a market. And maybe we see somewhat episodic follow ups after that, or DLCs expanding the game or maybe the next game will be a "full sized" 50h+ game again if everything works out well.

I just hope for the 2nd, and as long as they are within my rule of thumb to not wanting more than 1 per 1h of good gameplay I am fine with it.
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