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March 26th, 2013, 22:25
I actually really enjoy the game, it's not as deep as some other roguelikes, but it has excellent pacing. Like most roguelikes, there is a lot of luck, but with time you do learn how to use strategy to make the most of every situation and piece of gear you find. And the luck factor does make it interesting because you never know what you will find, and it can change your strategy considerably.

I will say though, that this is a perfectly good game to just play on normal. Normal just means "normal for a roguelike", which is still really hard. You will still die every time on normal and your very unlikely to make it to the end, but that's how roguelikes are supposed to be (FTL was actually very easy for a RL). However, on normal difficulty, you will survive for long enough to see some of the more interesting items, recipes, etc.
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