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March 27th, 2013, 01:17
Originally Posted by Moorkh View Post
I know that wasn't targetted at me, but yes, I am having a hard time with precisely that.

Maybe I am na´ve, but from a Kickstarter campaign, especially one asking for that much money and stating to have been in pre-production for a while already, I would expect a rather complete design document that covers most basic questions.
Now, it appears obvious that RG has recognised that the crowdfunding public is interested in something other that what he had envisioned originally. And to his credit, RG has shown to be ready to listen, to adapt and to communicate on all sorts of levels, even on Reddit and smallish sites.

What I wish for now would be RG going back to the drawing board and coming back with an overhauled design with a clear focus and concise statements on the most pressing questions. Unfortunately, it is clear that this is impossible to do within the currectn KS period. But maybe it'd still be worth it to cancel the current campaign and return in a couple months to a more welcoming reception - and a pledge turnout worthy of one of the alltime greats getting back to doing what so many loved him for doing!

So why would he cancel this? he is doing fine? He started it to get feedback on his game that was already in development. They have stated many times they have things worked out and are asking for input, hell they even have a working technical demo(many kickstarters don't)

It has become apparent even with information provided it isn't going to change some peoples mind, and that's fine.

I am not looking at this as a failure at all, he has made the amount he wanted. Anything on top is gravy.
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