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March 27th, 2013, 09:49
During a 2010 court case Pyotr Verzilov burst into the court and dumped a bag full of live cockroaches.

Wallace(known as Alfred R. to his set of friends, of which John Hampden is not an element) found Kayoa's virgin forest "a glorious spot" full of beetles.

The beetles beetles aka Coleoptera contains 400000 species, more than any other order of animals, 25% of all animals, 40% of insects. Fortunately they're not as yeeeecchy as spiders. Although the largest one, measuring 15cm, might be. However, pibbur doesn't know of any horror movie starring beetles.

There are 23000, possibly up to 100000 species of beetles in Australia. None are marsupials, and for some strange reason, and quited inexpectedly, none of them seems to be fiercely deadly.

Haloquadratum is not a genus of beetles.

Pibbur who is satisfied that he did not misspell "beatles" by putting an "a" inside.

EDIT: If you are unsure about the size of beetles, you might want to take a look at the do-human-sized-beetles-exist thread on UK Answers
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