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March 27th, 2013, 13:03
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Um… 15 months after the game release… To note a few…
In any case it's a good news, but I have to replay some other games before I return to Skyrim. But now it finally "sounds" playable/enjoyable/notannoyable and worth buying it's DLC. When's the next DLC sale?
Sorry, I never had the obviously absolutely dreadful gaming experience that you seem to have had with Skyrim. So complaining about it to me isn't really doing anything.

I won't touch the DLC before I've actually played through most or all of the main game's content… which will take me a while with my attention span.

Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Beware of the Steam malware. Actually not as terrible as Origin, but hate the stealth updates.
I like Steam's automatic updates. I guess with Skyrim, there's a chance of mods breaking. But I'll leave the auto-updates on regardless.

Originally Posted by Dez View Post
Sure benthesa is slow and they could do better with patches
I'm slow with my games myself, so it works out great.

Originally Posted by Dez View Post
If you're a pc gamer there is the unofficial skyrim patch available that fixes almost every quest bug and it is conctantly updated.
Yeah, I had that and a ton of other mods through the Workshop and Nexus. Unfortunately, it gives me slowdowns in some areas and I don't know which mod is responsible. I love throwing in random enhancements, though.

Originally Posted by joxer View Post
I don't want bugfix mods thankye. That's devs' job.
So your principles killed the game for you. Not very pragmatic. I'll never understand.

Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
They have been doing more than patching for bugs. They have been expanding on the game, reviewing game features, introducing new balances etc […]
Interesting. That and all the mods I threw in the mix increase my desire to jump back in the game. I've always enjoyed running around Skyrim. I never know why I always stop playing a game before the end.
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