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March 27th, 2013, 13:57
We are both on Vilya although I haven't run across his toon. I didn't do that instance and now I know not to bother . Yeah give LOTRO a whirl! Fluent just wait until you hit the Legendary system. It is very impactful and fun to manage. A bit of a learning curve but fun once you get used to the Legendary Relic and crafting system. It's a bit surprising how much detail and complexity they put into it and how much customization there is. Critically impactful for your toon really.

On that reward you got: I've completely ignored the trading system for that. Outside of the old regional rep system (aka getting Kindred status to buy from reputation vendors) I haven't done a thing with traders. The game has lots of optional subsystems you can exploit that I haven't touched. Have you seen any uber gear to trade for those that draw you to the trading system? I saw some great gear in Rivendell but I was too lazy to pursue it. With all the buffs you can put into switchable Legendaries I'm going to concentrate there…
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