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March 27th, 2013, 19:20
For anyone curious about how combat will be handled (ie. TB vs. RTWP), I received a reply from the developers:
We have several design goals for combat that arenít inherently dependent upon whether the combat is RTwP, TB, or something else. These include aspects such as meaningful player decisions at both the strategic and tactical levels; emphasizing quality of combat encounters over quantity (including the ability to avoid the majority of combat through gameplay decisions); the integration of narrative elements (the spirit eating mechanic of Mask of the Betrayer is an example of this.)

Because we can achieve these goals with either system, and because we donít feel that the choice of RTwP or TB is fundamental to the Torment experience, it is exactly the type of design decision in which weíll want to engage the gameís backers.
I find this answer irritating, as if I were being chided for caring about the combat. The fact that combat isn't the focus of the game doesn't mean the question is irrelevant, nor can it be denied there is a qualitative difference between the two. But of course they can do what they want.
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