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March 27th, 2013, 21:29
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
I find this answer irritating, as if I were being chided for caring about the combat. The fact that combat isn't the focus of the game doesn't mean the question is irrelevant, nor can it be denied there is a qualitative difference between the two. But of course they can do what they want.
Sorry if it was irritating. That was me replying (based on an explanation Kevin Saunder offered on Formspring to this question), I'll try to phrase it better in the future. The intent is in no way to dismiss it as irrelevant, in fact improving combat compared to PS:T is very important, it's one of the first things Kevin brought up to me when we started talking about this project, but rather this is a design question where we do see an opportunity to engage in backer feedback because there are multiple possible systems that hit our design goals. Colin talked about this a bit more here.
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