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March 28th, 2013, 21:05
Originally Posted by Dr. A View Post
Nice… Not bad for a slightly elderly game

I'm greatly anticipating Neverwinter MMO which will be free to download and play. I've been playing the last 2 beta weekends. The game looks amazing and can be played solo. So it's almost like a free singleplayer RPG

I've also being playing Guild Wars 2 with two max-levelled characters. Best MMO I've every played and that comes from having played WoW for 6 years.
Guild Wars 2 looks cool, but I wasn't impressed with Neverwinter. I don't like games that rely on golden trails to lead you to your objectives. I know you can turn that off, but still, I wasn't crazy about the gameplay I saw.

LOTRO is an older game but it's seriously gorgeous. I was exploring a bit of Harloeg today, which is mostly a bog, and it was really nice. There is a part where the bog turns to like a forested bog area, and that area was really beautiful. I love the art style the game has. Just make sure you download the high resolution LOTRO, and not the low res one.

The ambient lighting effects are cool too. The deeper you go into an enemy encampment or fort, it starts to get darker and more ominous. You really feel like you are in an evil place. Especially when attracting the wrong enemy could mean death. You even get filled with dread which lowers your maximum health. It makes you happy when you've done what you needed to do and hightail it out of there.

Hoping I get to Rivendell soon. I'm dealing with Radagast now, so Rivendell shouldn't be too far away.
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